Monday, July 15, 2024

Quadband VCOs Without Compromising Phase Noise Performance

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They offer wideband capabilities for several high-end instrumentation and aerospace and defence applications

Offering wideband capabilities in today’s RF and microwave environments without compromising phase noise performance is the new quadband voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) series consisting of the HMC8074, HMC8362 and HMC8364

It delivers a wider RF response and more frequency flexibility than narrowband VCOs. At the same time, they also provide lower phase noise than traditional single-band wideband VCOs, while continuing to provide low current consumption, which enables faster time to market for the end applications.

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The quadband VCO series provides ultra-wideband capabilities with frequencies ranging from 8.3 GHz to 26.6 GHz. In addition to providing low phase noise, the VCOs do not generate subharmonic frequency tones. This combination of wideband capability and low phase noise is critical in several high-end instrumentation and aerospace and defence applications.

Quadband VCO Features and Benefits

  • Integrates fundamental oscillators, resulting in no sub-harmonic tones being generated by any multiplication effects in the device
  • Short switching time between VCO bands without voltage overshoot
  • Low supply current consumption (as low as 60mA)
  • Lower tuning voltage than traditional single-band Wideband VCOs and narrower sensitivity versus frequency, reducing the complexity of the loop filter design

The devices come in a small 40-lead 6x6mm LFCSP SMT package and are available from Analog Devices.


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