Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ultra-Wide Input Voltage DC-DC Converter For Railway Applications

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Delivers up to 200 W output power with an ultra-wide input voltage range and complies with EN50155 specifications

Railway rolling stock equipment generally have to meet a wide range of country-specific standard input voltages that are defined by the EN50155 standard, which specifies the various nominal voltages in use, as well as, variations due to voltage spikes and dips. 

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Suitable for railway rolling stock equipment, here’s presenting the PKJ7200W, a series of EN50155-compliant DC-DC converter modules by Flex Power Modules that delivers up to 200 W output power, with an ultra-wide input voltage range of 14 V to 160 V.

Due to PKJ7200W’s wide input voltage range, which covers the EN50155 standard’s values, the module can be used in railway applications anywhere in the world, where previously at least two product variants would be required. This eases installation, qualification and aftermarket support, thus saving time and reducing costs. 

“The new module series expands our existing range for railway applications, taking their place alongside our PKM family of DC-DC converters while providing twice the output power,” said Olle Hellgren, Director Product Management and Business Development at Flex Power Modules.    

The new module complies with the EN50155 specifications for surge protection, power interruption and backup with external circuitry, wide operational temperature and shock and vibration, ensuring a reliable operation. It is also compliant with the functional insulation and safety standard IEC/UL 62368 and the EN45545-2 railway standard for fire behaviour of components. 

The module includes input under voltage protection, output over current protection, output over voltage protection and over temperature protection. MTBF is 4 million hours.

The efficiency of the module is up to 90%. Input to output isolation is 4000 V with the new converters providing outputs at voltages of 12 V, 13.8 V, 15 V, 24 V, 48 V and 54 V.

The PKJ 7200W is provided in an industry-standard half-brick format, measuring 60.96mm x 57.91mm x 12.70 mm. The module series will be available in July 2021. 


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