Monday, June 17, 2024

RangeAnt MAX Antennas For IoT And GNSS Applications

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The RangeAnt is specialized in wideband antennas that are used for Embedded applications. The MAX family consists of compact antennas with frequencies 700MHz to 3000MHz.They exhibit free-space efficiency of between 80 and 90% and a VSWR below 2:1 across operating bands. The omnidirectional antennas function as a monopole up to 1,600 MHz and a dipole above this frequency. They are particularly designed for 50 Ohm match in free space but they need additional matching components when packaged within a wireless module or system for maintaining its optimum frequency.

(Credit: RangeAnt)

These MAX antennas are essentially designed for cellular, IoT, and GNSS applications. These antennas are also suitable to use with Bluetooth, Zigbee, Sub-GHz, LPWAN (LoRa, Sigfox, Weightless), Wi-Fi, cellular (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, and NB-IoT) wireless protocols, and GPS/GNSS reception. As the antenna does not need a separate ground plane to execute the full performance, allowing design freedom for mechanical and electrical engineers. RangeAnt provides suggestions for suitable matching networks and matching services for specific applications

Hans-Erik Backram, RangeAnt’s CEO, said, “Our research indicates that MAX antennas offer over 20% better performance compared with the nearest wideband antenna alternatives. This gives system designers greater flexibility in optimizing the trade-off between operating range, data rates, and power consumption for their wireless links. For the first time, they can optimize their designs while working with a single antenna, whatever the desired frequency band or wireless protocol.”


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