Monday, June 17, 2024

RGB Lighting Controller Unit Eases Dimming and Colour Effect Control

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  • The RGB-enabled lighting control solution by Bridgetek offers automated control of lighting effects in buildings
  • They are based on the company’s FT903Q 32-bit RISC MCUs, which are capable of 100MHz operation

Bridgetek, a provider of advanced ICs and board-level products has introduced the new, PanL Mood Lighting (ML) units of cost-effective RGB-enabled lighting control solution. They offer complete control over both the dimming level and colour hue of every light installed in a residential building/workspace. Through this release, the company continues to build up its portfolio of hardware available to support building automation.

Simply connect these units to the PanL Hub via an RS485 serial interface (through which they receive both power and data), they can be applied to new lighting installations or existing ones with ease. Multiple PanL ML controllers can be daisy-chained together for a large number of light fittings.

By supporting DALI/DMX protocols, PanL ML smart lighting controllers provide users with a fully scalable solution that is capable of controlling a large number of light fixtures by addressing up to 512 RGB DMX output channels and up to 64 DALI drivers – ensuring smooth dimming and better manipulation of different colour effects. They are based on Bridgetek’s FT903Q 32-bit RISC microcontroller units (MCUs), which are capable of 100MHz operation.

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The PanL ML units are FCC and CE certified and available in compact 145.7mm x 96.7mm x 29.0mm enclosures.


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