Thursday, June 20, 2024

Robust Tacking Agent for Power Module Assembly

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Indium InTACK

Indium Corporation has announced the release of its new adhesive solution named InTack. The solution is specially designed as a drop-in, robust tacking agent for power module assembly. It is a no-clean, no residue, a halogen-free adhesive solution developed for holding parts in place during placement and reflow processes.

According to the company, the InTACK is designed for no-flux reflow applications with formic acid. The adhesive is formulated with high tack to hold a die, IC, or other SMD components such that the material is completely evaporated out during the reflow process, which eliminates the need for time-consuming post-process residue cleanups. This low-cost, tooling-free solution helps in maintaining precise assembly alignments and provides strong tacking and a comfortable long working time.

Advantages of InTACK are:

  • Maintains precise assembly alignment
  • Compatible with solder preforms, dies, and power module components
  • Robust tacking and long working time
  • Optimal performance in formic acid/vacuum reflow
  • No residue, no cleaning
  • Dispensing application tested and process proven


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