Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Robust, Ultra-Thin OLED Displays For Compact Handheld Units

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The displays allow stable use across a broad range of exteme weather conditions and temperatures while consuming less energy

Thicker than a bank card, the high-contrast OLED graphic displays from DISPLAY VISIONS come with economical energy consumption, thus allowing stable use across a broad range of temperatures. The micro OLEDs are perfect for display purposes in compact handheld units, which need to function reliably under extreme conditions.

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The compact EA W096016 OLED graphic display is suitable for robust use, predominantly in mobile devices. The micro OLED panels are just 1.3 millimetres thick and have an active surface of 21.1mm x 3.5 mm (0.84-inch screen diagonal). 1,536 luminescent white OLED pixels are located on a black background in a 96 x 16 matrix with a pixel pitch of 0.22 mm.

The SSD1306B controller provides straightforward control.

Compared to liquid crystal displays, these low-power OLED displays have several advantages. As luminous objects, they do not need separate backlighting and can therefore be built to be extremely slim. When displaying a 50 per cent chequered pattern, their power consumption is typically an economical 15 mA. Thanks to the deep black level, they both impress with a contrast of 2000:1, which allows a viewing angle of 160°. Typical brightness of 120 cd/m² ensures good readability even in direct sunlight. The display has a quick reaction time of 10 µs. It remains stable across a wide range of temperatures – from an icy -40 °C to a scorching +80 °C, particularly adaptable to the cold Northern and Eastern European climates. The minimum service life is 20,000 hours at +25 °C before its brightness has halved.

The OLED displays are available in two connection variants: the EA W096016-XALW has an I²C bus interface and a 10.5 millimetre FPC cable for direct spot welding to the circuit board. The EA W096016-XBLW has both an I²C bus and an SPI interface, which can be plugged into a 0.3 mm ZIFF connector using a 34 millimetre FPC cable with no welding.

Both variants are available immediately off the shelf. DISPLAY VISIONS also guarantees the availability of at least eight years. An EA 9781-2USB USB test board and free OLED simulation software for Windows are also available for download on the product home page for rapid testing of specific applications.


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