Tuesday, April 16, 2024

RZ/A3UL 64-Bit MPU Provides Full Potential of RTOS

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Renesas’ MPU provides high speed processing and throughput with the full potential of a real-time operating system (RTOS).

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched the RZ/A3UL group of microprocessors (MPU). The MPU provides users with high definition Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and quick startup for applications that require high throughput and real-time capabilities. The 64-bit Arm Cortex provides a maximum operating frequency of 1GHz that enables performance boost.

RZ/A sub-board with other peripherals | Courtesy of Renesas Electronics

The other versions of the device are available with DDR3L/DDR4 memory interface that is used for connecting with high speed DRAMs. The basic MPUs consist of Octal-SPI memory interface which enables simpler and more compact boards. But the DDR3lL/DDR4 provides 10x faster performance for utilizing the HMI utilizing cameras and various other sensors.

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“Many customers who use RTOSes tell us that they want to retain features like excellent real-time capabilities and quick startup, but that they also want higher resolution and better performance,” said Shigeki Kato, Vice President of the Enterprise Infrastructure Business Division at Renesas. “I am confident that the RZ/A3UL will deliver the higher performance required, while still giving customers the flexibility and ease of use offered by MCUs.”

Features of Various RZ series

RZ/A Series

  • Designed for Display Systems
  • Image Processing
  • Large-Capacity On-Chip RAM
  • Operating frequency of 400MHz
  • ARM ecosystem embedded in it
RZ/G Series
  • Designed for High-End graphics and multimedia applications
  • 552-pin FCBGA(21mmx21mm) and 1022-pin FCBGA(29mmx29mm) variants
  • High 3D graphics power
RZ/N Series
  • Designed for real time control and Industrial Network
  • Scalable architecture for master/slave products
  • R-IN engine for multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet and redundant network
  • Space and cost-efficient design by integrated large size memory
RZ/T Series
  • High-performance, high-speed real-time control
  • Multi-protocol Industrial Ethernet support
  • Configurable encoder I/F for various protocol encoders
RZ/V Series
  • High-speed edge AI inference and low power consumption by DRP-AI
  • Reduce environmental impact for AI with camera ISP
  • Supports the same level of capabilities as RZ/G

These features are ideal for systems that require high speed response such as industrial equipment, home appliances, automation equipment as well as audio equipment. “The presence of high-performance CPU cores and various peripherals the engineers can easily implement high-resolution human machine interfaces (HMI), embedded vision, embedded artificial-intelligence(e-AI), and real-time control and industrial ethernet connectivity.”


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