Thursday, April 25, 2024

Small Multi-Band RTK Receiver For Precise Positioning Applications

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  • Capable of working with a range of  navigation satellite signals
  • Can be configured as an RTK base or RTK rover

SkyTraq Technology, a developer of high-performance modules for satellite navigation has launched a multi-band RTK receiver for centimetre-level positioning accuracy for both emerging autonomous precision guidance and IoT precise positioning applications, and also for the traditional surveying and precision farming applications. It works with GPS/QZSS L1/L2C, Galileo E1/E5b, GLONASS L1/L2 and Beidou B1I/B2I signals concurrently.

Precise measurements

The PX1122R has RTK initialisation time under 10 seconds and a maximum update rate of 10Hz. It can be configured as an RTK base or RTK rover. As RTK rover, it receives RTCM 3.x data from an RTK base, or raw measurements from another PX1122R RTK base, to provide 1cm + 1ppm accuracy RTK position. When configured in base mode, it can output RTCM 3.3 data or raw measurement data

Moving base RTK for precise heading is also supported. By using two PX1122R and two antennas with 1 metre antenna separation, 1-sigma heading accuracy of 0.13 degree can be obtained; such heading accuracy is not affected by magnetic environment or receiver speed.

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PX1122R comes in a size of 12mm x 16mm. Its sample and evaluation boards are available now. The mass production begins this May.


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