Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New Small-Sized, Surface Mount Transformer Series

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The very small and low-cost solution expands the toolset available when designing low power isolated power supplies

For use in several push-pull and pulse transformer applications, here’s presenting the 750317828, 750317829, 750317830 and 750317331 MID-PPTI tiny push-pull transformer series. It is best suited for isolated interface power supply for CAN, RS-485, RS-422, RSS-232, SPI, I2C, low-power LAN, industrial, process control, medical equipment, PLC analogue and digital I/O modules, isolated gate driver power supplies, AC motor drives and solar inverter applications.

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While the 5-volt output versions, 750317828 and 750317830, can handle 250 milliamps of current, the 12-volt output versions, 750317829 and 750317331, can handle 100miliamps of current. Both 5-volt and 12-volt output versions are available for each of the 12-volts and 24-volt inputs. This low profile, surface mount series features an operating temperature of -40°C to 125°C and is built with function, supplementary, or reinforced insulation.

“This expands the toolset available when designing low power isolated power supplies,” said Dean Huumala, Product Manager from Würth Elektronik. “This series is so attractive in that the part count is so low, making it a very small and low-cost solution.”

The MID-PPTI series is AEC-Q200 qualified and includes an isolation voltage of 2500VAC.

Samples are available from Wurth Elektronik.


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