Saturday, May 25, 2024

SMT Stencil Clean Roll With High Absorbency

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ROCKA Solutions has released a new SMT Stencil Clean Roll with high absorbency. The stencil cleaner is capable of cleaning all types of solder paste residues and other viscous materials allocated into the stencil apertures or stencil contact side surface. The stencil paper material is made up of hydraulic interlaced fibres and has a high absorbency and high tensile strength. The paper-like materials can absorb 330g water per 1m2. . Based on the material complexion, this stencil paper is capable of working with ultra-fine pitch apertures, improving cleaning cycle time due to high absorption and paper texture allowing better vacuum performance.

According to the company, there are many variables on the SMT work-floor. With different printer brands and models, each printer has its own tube specs, diameter, notches, slots, etc.; however, the company offers product customization to customize two variables in one part number, which helps to decrease part number errors.

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The company claims that the SMT Stencil clean roll can work with all stencil technologies including nano-coated stencil foils, better solvent usage, which provides an excellent solvent application along the stencil surface, good performance with all developed cleaning solvents including IPA and better solder paste removal, increasing PCBs


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