Thursday, June 20, 2024

Soft Starters For Heavy Duty Applications

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Schneider Electric has introduced a series of soft starters designed to protect and extend the lifetime of connected devices.

Credit : Altivar

The Altivar Soft Starter ATS480 by Schneider Electronics is the next evolution of soft starters for digitization optimized to meet cybersecurity standards. Designed to address processes and infrastructures, ATS480 simplifies project execution and maximizes the availability of your applications, even in the most demanding environments.

Altivar Soft Starter ATS480 is intended to start and stop asynchronous motors supplied from 208V to 690V. It meets the requirements of the most demanding applications in normal and heavy duty. With an operational rated current of 17A-1200A(different models as per requirement) in normal duty, it supplies motor from 4kW to 900kW according to mains voltage. Designed for digitization, connected, optimized to meet cybersecurity standard, it simplifies project execution and maximizes the availability of applications. Its torque control (TCS) masters acceleration and deceleration.

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It efficiently stops high inertia application thanks to the dynamic braking and DC injection. It could be connected in-line or inside the delta to reduce its operational current. The embedded test routine simplifies the commissioning inside the delta. Its dimensions are 160mm (width) x 203mm (depth) x 275mm (height) and it weighs 4,9kg whereas the largest model available is 770mm (width) x 329mm (depth) x 890mm (height) and it weighs 115kg. Altivar Soft Starter ATS480 is designed to address process, infrastructures and industrial machines.

  • Upgrade connectivity on same power module
  • Easy substitution of existing install bases
  • Smart commissioning interface and QR code
  • One range to cover 208V to 690V applications
  • Pumps, Fans
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors
  • Crushers, Mills
  • Grinders, Mixers, Rotary knives


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