Monday, July 15, 2024

Software Configurable Industrial I/O Modules for Control and Automation

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  • Provides industrial operators flexibility to work quickly and remotely without extensive re-wiring
  • Optimal for adapting to the changes brought about by Industry 4.0

Traditional control systems require costly and labour-intensive manual configuration, with a complex array of channel modules, analogue and digital signal converters and individually wired inputs/outputs to communicate with the machines, instruments and sensors on the operating floor.

To overcome this problem, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has released software configurable Input/Output (I/O) products, the AD74412R and the AD74413R for building flexible control and process automation systems with reconfigurable module channels. This allows manufacturers and industrial operators to quickly, easily and remotely work without requiring extensive re-wiring, thus drastically increasing the speed of implementation, flexibility and the ability to make changes without significant cost and downtime.

Suited for constantly changing requirements

With the rise of Industry 4.0, manufacturers need flexible systems that can quickly and easily adapt to the changing requirements. As a result, they can no longer rely on fixed, large-scaled systems designed for mass-market products and predictable demand.  Instead, flexible systems that can be reconfigured quickly with minimal downtime and capital investment are required. Thanks to these software configurable I/O modules, manufacturers can more efficiently implement new projects and achieve more flexible automated control, resulting in reduced design and installation costs, as well as reduced commissioning delays.

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Enables installation of single programmable module type

By using the software configurable I/O modules, manufacturers can now develop a platform that replaces fixed-function I/O modules or apply across multiple customer applications where the I/O dynamic changes with each installation. For systems traditionally reliant on control cabinets with multiple I/O modules and specified wiring for each channel type, the need for hardware diminishes as end users can now install a single module type programmable from the control room that helps in decreasing logistic, manufacturing and support costs. Software configurable I/O also acts as a bridge to Ethernet-based control networks, as it can further be applied to brownfield installations requiring updates to 10BASE-T1L industrial ethernet systems. It enables the development of standardized, configurable field I/O units capable of translating between installed HART-enabled 4-20mA sensors and actuators and 10BASE-T1L or 100M Fibre backhaul.

Both, the AD74412RBCPZ and the AD74413RBCPZ are available now in 64-Lead LFCSP (9mm x 9mm w/ EP) package.


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