Saturday, May 18, 2024

Mass-Market Availability Of ST4SIM eSIMs For M2M Applications

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The GSMA-compliant industrial and automotive SIM/eSIM ICs come with all the services needed to connect IoT devices to cellular networks

To provide the connection of IoT devices to cellular networks for wide-scale usage, STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced the mass-market availability of its ST4SIM eSIM (embedded SIM) ICs. These devices are ideal for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications namely machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, as well as asset tracking, energy management and connected healthcare devices.

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Additionally, by allowing remote management of the SIM profile following the GSMA specification, these eSIMs let customers change the connectivity provider without having access to the device. Device-onboarding and service-provisioning platforms are provided by ST authorised partner Truphone.

Using ST’s B-L462E-CELL1 Discovery kit powered by the ST4SIM, the user can also test and evaluate all product features pre-integrated in a complete ecosystem.

“With rich built-in features and access to world-class provisioning services, ST4SIM family delivers a convenient solution for numerous M2M applications,” said Laurent Degauque, Marketing Director, Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “Mass-market availability now lets developers everywhere leverage secure and flexible cellular connectivity in more applications than ever, including independent M2M development, proof-of-concept and prototype projects.”

ST4SIM is available in the industry-standard MFF2 5mm x 6mm DFN8 wettable flank package. The ST4SI2M0020TPIFW is now available on the company website. Other package options are available to order, including the highly miniaturised wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP).


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