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Sterilizer To Combat The Spread Of COVID 19 Developed By Indian Group

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  • The sterilizer by Maser Technology in collaboration with the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology is effective in controlling the growth of COVID-19 infection
  • The device works on microwave technology and capable of sterilizing surfaces within short amount of time; also safe for healing skin diseases

Maser Technology, an Indian medical MSME working on microwave technology for disinfection solution has launched a new product called ATULYA, to enable sterilization of surfaces, surroundings and aerosols during COVID 19 spread. Through the launch, it is hoped that this technology will prove to be useful in the battle against Coronavirus.

Developed by the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune (a deemed university of DRDO), ATULYA works on microwave technology to disintegrate virus and bacteria. The sterilizer is operated as a handheld device and depending on the shape and size, it has the capability to sterilize objects, surfaces, surroundings and aerosols within 30 seconds to 1 minute.

ATULYA has the capability to penetrate up to a depth of 5 metres across surfaces. Unlike UV and chemical-based products, it is proven to be safe against cancer, retina damage and skin diseases. ATULYA is tested for Covid / virus sterilization by DIAT using the revolutionary Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technique.

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Key features

  • Power source: 220V AC, 50Hz, 15A
  • Magnetron: 2.4GHz
  • Magnetron wattage: 800W
  • Magnetron anode voltage: 4.2KV
  • Temperature range: 56-60 degrees Celsius

The company is also working on developing a portable battery version of the same.

“At Maser, we are always working on solutions that ensure the safety of people through disinfection and sterilization. This ambition led us to associate with DIAT (DRDO) and introduce ATULYA sterilizer that would enable a safe surrounding for people. The microwave technology of the product can disintegrate viruses and safeguard users during this pandemic. A 30-second simple scan by ATULYA sterilizes any surface up to 5 metres depth, thus eliminating any trace of COVID or similar viruses and bacteria. Prof. K.P. Ray, Dean DIAT (DRDO) and co-innovator of ATULYA.

ATULYA is compliant to NFX French Sterilization Compliance, STAATT II compliant (USA) and is CE and EN13485 certified for international quality standards. It has dimensions of 31 x 33.4 x 26.7 cms, weighs 7.7kgs and will be available for government purchase on Government e-Market procurement portal and on e-commerce website Amazon.


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