Tuesday, April 23, 2024

New Silicon Carbide MOSFETs Offer Superior Switching

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Delivers reliable and improved power density in a variety of challenging electric applications, meeting challenging design goals

For demanding applications where power density, efficiency and reliability are key considerations, the new 650 V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs helps achieve better performance by replacing existing silicon switching technologies with the new SiC devices. This helps designers realise applications such as electric vehicles (EV) on-board chargers (OBC), solar inverters, server power supply units (PSU), telecoms and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Based upon a new wide bandgap material that provides superior switching performance and improved thermals when compared to silicon, the reinforcement results in improved efficiency at the system level, enhanced power density, reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduced system size and weight.

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The SiC MOSFETs employ a novel active cell design combined with advanced thin wafer technology enabling best in class figure of merit Rsp (Rdson*area) for 650 V breakdown voltage. The NVBG015N065SC1, NTBG015N065SC1, NVH4L015N065SC1 and NTH4L015N065SC1 have a low Rdson (12 mOhm). This technology is also optimised around energy loss figure of merits, optimising performance in automotive and industrial applications. An internal gate resistor (Rg) allows more flexibility to designers eliminating the need to slow down devices artificially with external gate resistors. Higher surge, avalanche capability and short circuit robustness all contribute to enhanced ruggedness that delivers higher reliability and longer device lifetimes.

“In modern power applications such as on-board chargers (OBC) for EV and other applications including renewable energy, enterprise computing and telecom, efficiency, reliability and power density are constant challenges for designers. These new SiC MOSFETs significantly improve performance over the equivalent silicon switching technologies, allowing engineers to meet these challenging design goals. The enhanced performance delivers lower losses that enhance efficiency and reduce thermal management needs as well as reducing EMI. The result of using these new SiC MOSFETs is a smaller, lighter, more efficient and more reliable power solution,” said Asif Jakwani, senior vice president of the Advanced Power Division at ON Semiconductor.

The new devices that are AECQ101 and industrial-grade qualified, are now available in TO247 and D2PAK packages from ON Semiconductor.


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