Saturday, July 13, 2024

This AI Tool Will Speed Up Designing Motors

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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) have jointly developed an electrical motor-design support system. The motor design system incorporates Mitsubishi Electric’s Maisart AI technology to design electrical motors for pumps, compressors, and fan applications in industries. The AI motor design system is able to achieve or even surpass the performance level of conventional design methods deployed manually by skilled engineers.

The new system can be used to design electrical motors for pumps, compressors and fans application in industries. The system can design a motor in approximately three hours while an average engineer can take up to 24 man-hours to complete such designs. Furthermore, the system helps to simplify and standardize design processes and can also be used to help train less experienced engineers to improve their proficiency.

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Motors find applications in a wide variety of applications, from industrial machines to personal equipment. And now with the rise of EVs, traction motor is growing in demand. The new motor design system can cut short the development cost and time while providing a high-quality of design. According to the company,  an experienced engineer requires at least 8 hours, while a less experienced engineer takes around 24 hours to perform the similar amount of work this AI motor designs system can do in 3 hours.

The AI-based motor-design system is able to produce ideal design specifications that satisfy all performance targets covering every category, such as motor size, power efficiency and heat generation, therefore, reducing the time required for validation and creating new iterations of the design. The AI design tool creates specifications by referring to past designs, searching for the best specifications and then presenting multiple combinations of possible specifications optimized to performance targets. The AI tool can also help junior engineers to produce motor designs of the same quality as those produced by senior engineers manually. Therefore, the new AI system is capable of reducing the cost and time of development for companies.


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