Ultra-HD Resolution Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera Released

  • Comes with interchangeable lenses for simple combination and integration of lenses to produce high-quality images
  • Ideal for machine vision and robotics applications as well as industrial, agricultural, security and consumer applications

element14 has announced the launch of the new Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera, equipped with a 12-megapixel ultra-definition-resolution and interchangeable lenses. The Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera is ideal for professional applications including machine vision, robotics, industrial and agriculture, which require high levels of visual details and integration with specialist optics. It is also ideal for home and professional security systems which operate in low ambient light conditions.

The revolutionary camera can effectively capture still images and video footage. It is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi boards from the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B onwards and can be used as a desktop camera. The camera can be programmed to collect data to support facial and number plate recognition and parking space monitoring.

Professional designers will find the new camera and interchangeable lens combinations simple to integrate into monitoring and quality control systems while educators, makers and consumers will be delighted with the camera’s capability and functionality to take Raspberry Pi projects to new levels. The ultra-definition camera extracts more information from the lens to create higher quality, content-rich images that could not be achieved by the existing Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2.

The complete Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera package consists of three individual products, including:

  • The Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera that has a high resolution of 12.3 megapixels and approximately 50 per cent greater sensitivity than its predecessor for improved low-light performance. The camera features a circuit board with Sony IMX477 sensor, an FPC cable for connection to a Raspberry Pi computer, a milled aluminium lens mount with integrated tripod mount and focus adjustment ring, and a C- to CS- lens mount adapter.
  • Two state-of-the-art interchangeable lenses, featuring a 6mm wide-angle lens and a 16mm telephoto lens, that can be integrated with the Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera’s C- and CS-mount form factors. Users can simply interchange the lens for improved the camera focus options including wide and narrow angles and telephoto zoom to identify objects.

“The Raspberry Pi Camera for professional and consumer applications enables all kinds of image processing where customers need to gather more refined information to enhance multimedia and visual products. Our customers enjoy having the flexibility to review the widest range of Raspberry Pi products from a single source, with fast delivery options and 24/5 technical support,” said Sarah Fawcett, Global Program Manager – SBC at element14.

The 12-megapixel ultra-definition resolution Raspberry Pi High-Quality Camera with interchangeable lenses is available from element14 in APAC.


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