Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Updated GNSS Firewall Software To Protect GPS Dependent Systems

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  • Microchip’s latest software release addresses operators’ evolving requirements with respect to signal fortification
  • It is essential for security technologies for commercial and military operators to avoid service interruptions

Microchip Technology has announced a major software update for its BlueSky GNSS Firewall product, thus providing a higher level of resiliency against GPS vulnerabilities for critical infrastructure systems (such as power utilities, financial services, mobile networks and transportation) that are dependent on uninterrupted GPS signal reception.

Microchip’s BlueSky GNSS Firewall Software Release 2.0 performs analysis in real-time for detecting signal jamming and spoofing to protect reception of the GPS signal and hardening response and recovery to avoid signal disruption. BlueSky GNSS Firewall Software Release 2.0 includes charting and advanced threshold settings of Global Navigation Satellite System’s (GNSS) satellites-in-view, carrier-to-noise, position dispersion, phase time deviation and radio frequency (RF) power level functionalities to simplify system turn-up and deployment.

Providing widespread access

Microchip’s BlueSky GNSS Firewall Software Release 2.0 is installed on the BlueSky GNSS Firewall device. When connected to Microchip’s TimePictra management software, critical infrastructure operators also can monitor and analyse GNSS signals in cities, across geographic regions, throughout a country and even globally.

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Other devices and software in Microchip’s portfolio of GPS systems and services include the TimeProvider 4100 Precise Timing Grandmaster with Gateway Clock, SyncServer 600/650 timing and frequency instrument, miniature atomic clock (MAC), Time Cesium and 5071A caesium primary frequency standard.

Microchip strives to continuously innovate GPS signal reception security technologies for commercial and military operators similar to how network firewalls protect against virus threats. Updates are essential to defend against rapidly-evolving GNSS disruptions and enable critical infrastructure operators to avoid interruptions of service.


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