Monday, June 24, 2024

New Single-Channel Interface ICs Improve USB Power Delivery

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Offers uninterrupted data transfer while allowing engineers to specify USB power delivery solution that best fits their application

Strengthening the portfolio of devices that offer USB power delivery is the compact FT23xHP series by FTDI Chip. These ICs support operation across a single channel, enabling cost or space restrained systems to benefit from high power delivery via USB ports. The ICs also allow uninterrupted data transferred at 480Mbits/s rates if a change in power flow direction occurs (with the system shifting from a source into a sink, or vice-versa).

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The FT23xHP series adds to the dual-channel FT223xHP and the quad-channel FT423xHP ICs. Now with these three options, engineers can specify a USB power delivery solution that best fits the operational parameters of their application – in terms of board real estate, pin count, bill-of-materials cost, etc.

The FT23xHP incorporates a sophisticated Type-C/PD controller that detects and manages power level detection activities before the supply (generally 100W). Consequently, such tasks need no intervention from the system microcontroller.

Included within the IC are different I/O options such as RS232, RS422, RS485, JTAG, I2C and SPI.

All three USB power delivery devices are adept at dealing with operating temperatures from -40°C through to 85°C, which allows for use in household appliances, barcode scanners, test equipment, industrial automation hardware, computer peripherals, power tools and lighting systems.

The FT23xHP is supplied in QFN packages and available from FTDI Chip.


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