Thursday, May 30, 2024

USB Keyboard/Mouse Combo Controller In Chip and Evalboard

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  • The keyboard controller allows effective control of keyboard and keyboard/mouse combo
  • Its wide functionalities help in reducing inventory and design costs

Code Mercenaries, a supplier for the industrial input device and peripheral market has created a new benchmark for keyboard controllers by launching the KeyWarrior100, thus replacing the discontinued KeyWarrior I family that consisted of 23 individual versions.

An evaluation board (8 cm x 8 cm) has a KeyWarrior100 with all the basic circuitry. It connects via a mini-B USB connector and has all signals logically grouped into five connector areas that can be fitted with headers. 8 lock LEDs and an RGB LED connected to the three PWM outputs are also on the board. This allows a quick start into testing or prototyping.

KeyWarrior100 gets configured via USB. A keyboard manufacturer has the option to protect the configuration against reading and/or writing by the end-user.

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Equipped with innovative features

A wide range of functions makes the KeyWarrior100 solve and exceed any requirements for keyboards and keyboard/mouse combo devices. Some of the features are: up to 384 keys (24 x 16 matrix), 3 FN levels, mouse function via keys, trackball, or 2 or 4 channel analogue sensors (hall, force, joystick), up to 240 macros with up to 31 keycodes each can be placed on any key, PWM and analogue outputs to drive backlights, and 16 generic I/O pins with complex functions like driving a LED matrix, HD44780 type LCD  and a 1 MBit/s IIC master.

The large function set and flexible configuration allows using KeyWarrior100 for a multitude of applications, reduces inventory and design costs by covering many products with the same controller.

Other technical data includes:
• Full-speed USB
• Every key can be programmed with a modifier plus a normal key
• 32 media and application control keys supported (play, pause, browser…)
• 64 macros dynamically reloadable, also for the end-user
• Macros can perform static, typing, or touch dial telephone like
• 8 LED outputs can be programmed to indicate various lock states (incl. FN lock)
• Caps, Num, Scroll, Compose, Kana Lock states can be programmed to activate an FN-level
• 3 PWM outputs, controllable via USB or keys, may be used for backlight
• 2 analogue outputs, controllable via USB or keys, may be used for backlight
• Locking mechanism to protect key table data against reading and overwriting
• 16 bytes of user data can be stored internally
• Unique serial number to identify the chip

KeyWarrior100 is available as a chip and as an evaluation board.


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