Monday, June 24, 2024

Waterproof Tactile Switches For Harsh Industrial Application

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The PTS645V tactile switch now comes with an IP67 rating and 8 customisable size and actuation force options, making it suitable for a wide variety of industrial application in harsh environment.

C&K has added a new waterproof switch to its PTS645V tactile switch series. The switch is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and comes with a small PCB footprint. The low-profile SMT switch is available in multiple models having different heights and actuation forces to suite the needs of a wide variety of users. The new PTS645V tactile switch comes with an IP67 certification which makes it highly durable, the switch can withstand harsh environmental conditions found in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications

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The world is turning digital, and electronic components are replacing mechanical and electromechanical components in all places. But when it comes to switching in industrial setups, touch switches are still not the first choice for many applications. Touch switches have a few drawbacks that make the tactile switches more usable. Many touch switch doesn’t work with a glove on, moreover, their feedback is hard to notice in a noisy industrial environment.

To overcome this problem, engineers usually employ old and reliable electromechanical switches. Tactile switches are essential, especially in industrial setups where workers have a glove on their hands. These switches provide proper feedback to the user thus making them know about the operation.

The PTS645V tactile switch provides a high level of design flexibility, the SMT switch comes in two different height options of 1.3mm and 1.9mm. These two height options also have 4 different actuation forces (100gf, 160gf, 260gf and 320gf) to meet application demands.  The PTS645V series side-actuated switch is commonly used in high-end consumer electronics and industrial applications that require a rugged momentary action switch. From power tools to instrumentation, smart meters and smart home control panels to communication networks, and home security to factory automation systems, the IP67 tactile switch is versatile and can be customized to application needs.

“We are excited to extend our popular PTS645V SMT series to include an IP67 version,” said Daisy Liu, Global Product Manager at C&K. “By offering an IP67 version, we can support more products that require a side mount switch across markets and satisfy market needs for switches that can operate in varying environments reliably.”

Specification of PTS645V waterproof switches:

  • Insulation Resistance: > 100,000 megohms
  • Electrical Life: 100,000 cycles
  • Contact Resistance: 100 milliohms
  • Dielectric Strength: 250 V AC min.
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Contact Rating: 50mA


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