Monday, June 17, 2024

World’s First Silicon Photonics Optical Gyroscope

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  • The SIPHOG can enable companies to design more stable, accurate and robust sensors for various autonomous applications.
SIPHOG IC (Source: ANELLO Photonics)

ANELLO Photonics SIPHOG is the world’s first silicon photonics optical gyroscope. The SIPHOG is a low-noise and low-drift optical gyroscope smart sensor leveraging a photonic integrated circuit (IC) technology. This makes it the smallest optical gyroscope in the world, which enables reliable and accurate navigation and positioning across many autonomous applications. The SIPHOG can enable companies to design more stable, accurate and robust sensors for various autonomous applications. It also features Anello’s Sensor Fusion Engine which delivers a full end-to-end offering to customers in various fields of autonomy where position, navigation and timing are essential.

A silicon photonics optical gyroscope is a device that uses the principles of silicon photonics and optical interferometry to detect and measure angular velocity. It works by shining a light source through a series of waveguides etched into a silicon chip, and then measuring the phase shift of the light as it travels through the waveguides. This phase shift is directly related to the angular velocity of the device, allowing the gyroscope to accurately measure rotation. Silicon photonics technology enables the integration of optical and electronic elements on a single chip, making these gyroscopes compact, low-cost, and power efficient.

“We are very excited and proud of this technological breakthrough at ANELLO,” said Dr. Mario Paniccia, CEO of ANELLO Photonics. “With the ANELLO SIPHOG integrated into a range of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and solutions, customers now get access to a more stable, accurate and robust sensor for their autonomous applications. Customers in the autonomy space can rely on ANELLO to deliver cutting-edge, high-performance solutions using integrated photonics that previously was only available in very complex and expensive fiber gyroscopes.”

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About ANELLO Photonics
ANELLO Photonics is a leading-edge technology company based in Santa Clara, CA. The company has developed an integrated photonic system-on-chip technology for next-generation navigation.


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