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New Solution For Vehicle Positioning In Autonomous Driving

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A pre-certified positioning solution that meets ISO-26262/ASIL-B standards. Built on components tested in real-world autonomous driving scenarios, designed for easy integration into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This ensures a quicker route to market for these systems.

U-blox has launched the u-safe functional safety solution specifically tailored for vehicle positioning to move towards a more autonomous future. This leans on components tested and trusted in driver navigation systems, providing Tier 1 suppliers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a dependable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) positioning tool. This caters to ADAS Level 3 and above, ensuring functionality and safety, while Level 2+ systems can utilise it to prepare for higher automation levels.

The company is the only vendor offering a solution compliant with functional safety and the Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF). It integrates proprietary hardware, specialized software, and correction service, consolidating the automotive supply chain for ADAS up to SAE Level 5. This aims to elevate the Global navigation satellite system (GNSS) localization to unmatched heights. When integrated into ADAS and autonomous systems, u-safe is an added safety net, adhering to the ISO-26262 standard and providing reliable positioning solutions for the rapidly growing autonomous driving sector.

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At its core, u-safe guarantees ASIL-B GNSS localization for advanced automotive systems. It encompasses u-blox’s latest ninth-generation GNSS tech platform, with an A9 ASIL-B chipset and module. It also integrates PointSafe, leveraging GMV’s correction service and safe position engine, combined with the u-blox Thingstream IoT platform, catering to OEM backends. This application is safety-certified to ASIL B (ISO 26262) and SOTIF (ISO 21488) standards. It offers top-notch performance in accuracy, integrity, and availability. It’s directly compatible with the u-blox A9 safe GNSS chip and the u-safe positioning solution. While it’s flexible enough to work with automotive-grade components, it can also be an independent solution for customers. It’s especially suitable for ADAS L3 and higher autonomous driving applications. Customers also benefit from specialized integration support.

Peter Kalinowski, Director of Product Management for Safety-Critical Products at u-blox, stated, “Autonomous driving is transforming the automotive landscape. While human-driven vehicles face daily risks, autonomous vehicle accidents can have broader implications. Ensuring safety is thus crucial. Safety assurance is the top priority to gain customer trust and promote the adoption of automated systems. We’re committed to offering cutting-edge, safe positioning solutions that pave the way for vehicle autonomy.”

This announcement comes from the company’s collaboration with GMV, a frontrunner in navigation solutions for the connected and autonomous vehicle domain. The synergy between both companies combines their expertise in functional safety, striving to provide the automotive sector with robust end-to-end positioning solutions suitable for mass-market applications. Their collaborative efforts represent years of intensive R&D, resulting in a comprehensive solution for the future of driving.

Akanksha Gaur
Akanksha Gaur
Akanksha Sondhi Gaur is a journalist at EFY. She has a German patent and brings a robust blend of 7 years of industrial & academic prowess to the table. Passionate about electronics, she has penned numerous research papers showcasing her expertise and keen insight.


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