Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Platform To Simplify Software Development For Multi-Core Project Workflow

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Infineon’s ModusToolbox 3.0 can accelerate software development in multi-core project workflow and reduce time-to-market.

Screenshot of the Modustoolbox 3.0 user interface (Source: Infineon)

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Software development is becoming more and more complex as multicore devices are becoming prevalent in the embedded microcontroller space. To simplify the process of software development in multi-core project workflow, Infineon Technologies have announced the release of ModusToolbox 3.0. The development platform offers dual-core device support, backend system improvements, a new graphical tool for custom board support package (BSP) development, and infrastructure support for ModusToolbox Packs. The development platform can simplify software development for a wide variety of use cases such as IoT, industrial automation, smart homes, etc.

According to the company, ModusToolbox 3.0 offers an improved development platform with enhanced support for multi-core project workflow. The platform is capable of providing specific support for simultaneous debugging of both cores, thus unlocking the potential available on dual-core devices such as Infineon’s PSoC 6. The new feature also establishes a development framework for future Infineon multi-core devices.

“Historically, the industry has not focused on providing a seamless development process once a designer moves beyond the vendor-provided development kit,” said Clark Jarvis, Software and Tools Product Marketer at Infineon. “Understanding this key challenge, this major new release of ModusToolBox provides a rich and seamless out-of-the-box development kit experience for customers with features to provide continuous product development on their own hardware. At the same time, this enables customers to reuse their boards in a team development setting. We look forward to providing new features to meet our customers’ demands.”

ModusToolbox 3.0 is compatible with a wide Infineon product range including PSoC 4, PSoC 6, XMC, AIROC Wi-Fi, AIROC Bluetooth, and EZ-PD PMG1 microcontrollers. It aims to provide support for a variety of use cases including consumer IoT, industrial, smart home, wearable and many other applications.


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