Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Postage Stamp Sized Computers

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Wiliot has released IoT Pixel, a battery-less stamp-sized computer. The ultra-efficient postage stamp-sized device can harvest radio waves and work without a battery for years. The device has been specifically made for the supply chain industry. This IoT Pixel only requires a reader to operate, increasing the ease of use and simplicity of deployment. The stamp size device comes in a small package measuring just 2.8 x 4.4 cm – 0.2mm. The sticker can easily be attached to items using a regular label applicator. The sticker-sized device can help in creating a circular economy, reduce waste, and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

“Wiliot was founded on the mission to transform industries by embedding everything with cloud intelligence using our IoT pixel tagging technology,” stated Roee Zeiler, Wiliot’s CFO. “We began by tackling this challenge with battery-free technology, which significantly reduced barriers to IoT adoption and will scale the IoT from billions to trillions.”

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According to the company, the pixel is embeddable, and operates with minimal low-cost infrastructure for harvesting and reading. Being battery-free combined with innovative tag production techniques gives the IoT Pixel advantages in size, cost and low-maintenance. It is powered by a ARM Cortex M0+ 32-bit operating at 1 MHz and can operates at a wide temperature ranging between -40 to 85 °C. The sticker can sense multiple parameters such as temperature and location and the company claims to add more sensing features including surface occupancy, proximity, humidity, and light.

“When companies can monitor the status of goods using Wiliot’s Sensing as a Service platform, the benefits to be realized are innumerable,” said Tony Small, “They can more accurately match supply and demand, so they don’t overproduce; more efficiently deliver goods where they need to go and reduce emissions; and gain greater visibility into inventory to improve business performance and offer superior service. Wiliot turns things that had no ability to share information about themselves into self-aware communicators contributing to more sustainable, efficient supply chains.”


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