Sunday, July 14, 2024

Powerbox’s 1200W Power Supply for Conduction Cooling Applications

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Powerbox has announced the release of OFI1200A a 1200W power supply. The module is available in three versions of single output DC voltage, 12V/84A, 28V/43A, and 48V/25A. The power supply is designed for Industrial usage for conduction cooling applications. The power supply is suitable for a wide input range between 85 to 305 VAC with power factor correction (PFC) with a coefficient of 0.98/0.95 (110VAC/230VAC). Each model can provide ‘near to zero’ to the maximum rated output voltage and current and can operate between -40 to +95 degrees C without the need for a fan or an active cooling system.

Conduction cooling is required in many places where proper ventilation or fans are not possible. Many industrial applications such as clean rooms where fans can’t operate or in harsh environments where electronics equipment are installed in airtight boxes such as radio communication systems placed in places with adverse weather conditions can’t have ventilation. Apart from environmental requirements, sometimes cost of maintenance also forces design engineers to not employ fans and blowers and utilize conduction cooling.

According to the company the OFI1200A has been designed to use the baseplate to transfer the heat optimally away from the system. The power supply features two analog inputs, ITRM and VTRM which allow customers to adjust the voltage and current according to their application. The power supply is capable of providing constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) mode without any modification. The description says that up to 9 modules can be connected in parallel for high-powered applications. The power supply has an over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current protection with an auto-recovery feature.

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Power supply with conduction cooling is suitable for applications requiring silent operations such as control rooms. Equally, these power supplies are suitable for applications with no scope of ventilation or adding fans or blowers due to environmental constraints.


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