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RAH Infotech Ties Up with Data Resolve Strengthens its Offerings in Cyber Security and Enterprise Intelligence

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New Delhi – July 25th2016 – RAH Infotech, a distributor in India has recently added another feature in its cap of strong business partners. The company has tied up with Data Resolve, an emerging player in the area of Cyber Security and Intelligence for Enterprises.

Dhruv Khanna, CEO, Data Resolve Technologies shared “We are focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via end point protection with a single client single server Architecture, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms”

“And with the newly formed association with RAH Infotech, we are positive that our business will reach newer heights. They clearly are leaders in value added distribution and solutions provider in the Network and Security domain”, added Mr. Khanna.

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The constant barrage of cyber-attacks and threats has created a need to prevent data leak attempts from inside and outside the organization. Although many solutions are available in the market today that focus on preventing data leakage but they fail to launch attempts to inhibit internal digital impendence before it consumes the entire organizations’ resource.

Mr Ashok Kumar, chief executive officer at RAH Infotech said, “Data Resolve Technologies is in the prime business of providing detailed real-time information on data leakage reducing the business risks and protecting data from insider threats throughout its life cycle.The core concept behind their technology is to help organizations detect human behaviour well before incidents occur including time spent by end users in productive and unproductive work, sensitive online searches and chats among the peers. We are delighted to be associated with Data Resolve and are looking forward taking their solutions to our customers” he added.


  1. This Dhruv guy of Data Resolve is making a mockery of startup ecosystem in India. Worked lavishly in IBM for long time and then gets hired as a CEO by one of the investors of a startup (dataresolve) which was founded by my close friend Vikram, who struggled his entire 20s to build this company. The saddest part, this Dhruv joker now claims to be a Founder of this company with investors behind his back after throwing the actual founder out. And this whole saga is not surprising to be coming out from the r**e capital. What a shame economic times, what a shame!


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