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Real Time Ethernet Conference 2016 Concluded

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The Real Time Ethernet Conference 2016, Bangalore concluded on July 7th 2016

The event was organized by Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group and was partnered by Altera, Analog Devices, HMS, Hilscher, Texas Instruments, Kalycito and B&R Automation. It has media partners EFY and A&C Today and supporting organizations as CFEI.

The event was a successful one witnessing close to 35 participants from the field of R&D, manufacturing, design, automation and universities. The feedback from the delegates on the event was very positive. The partners were also very happy with the organization of the event and are looking forward to the event in Pune on 2nd August 2016.

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The event focused on the trends in technology. In the age of data, connectivity is of prime importance. With the focus in automation on industrial internet of things (IIoT); seamless connectivity from shop floor to the board has gained prominence.

Users demand smarter sensors and actuators and devices. Machines and plants are becoming increasingly connected. Ethernet was the obvious choice amongst many available field buses due to higher bandwidth, manufacturer independent technology and availability on all embedded chips. But Ethernet communication is not deterministic and leads to delays in communication thus suiting only office networks. Industry demands higher accuracy, precision, throughput and productivity which require deterministic communication on Ethernet. Using a real time network on Ethernet in the field is of utmost importance. This enables accessing field data from the MES and ERP layers and communicates it to the cloud for analytics solving the IIoT needs of users leading to the convergence of IT and OT.

The 2nd Edition of the Real Time Ethernet Conference brings together experts from embedded and automation fields providing their insights on achieving connectivity from the cloud to the sensors. To achieve this end to end connectivity the conference highlights usage of open source communications based on Ethernet providing a total lowest cost of implementation. Ethernet POWERLINK is the open source real time communication protocol based on standard Ethernet complying with IEEE 802.3. It is purely a software solution with cycle times as low as 100µs solving the deterministic communication needs at the field level. OPC UA is also an open source communication protocol based on Ethernet being used in the higher layers to send this real time data to the MES and ERP.

Reason to attend Real Time Ethernet Conference

  • Understand Ethernet technology and how to use standard Ethernet for real time deterministic communication without modifying the hardware.
  • Learn techniques to implement Ethernet POWERLINK. Thus availing real time deterministic communication with minimum or no additional costs.
  • Watch live demonstrations displaying POWERLINK communication from Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization group and its partners such as Altera, Texas Instruments, Hilscher, HMS, Analog Devices, Kalycito and B&R Automation.
  • Understand the different Ethernet technologies and various vendors available in the market to select the best technology to satisfy your IIoT needs.



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