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Richtek Expands Its Wide Vin Series With A New 5.5-60V Input Synchronous Buck Converter

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Accurate output voltage control over a wide input voltage range with good efficiency makes RT6204 a great choice for battery-powered automotive applications and industrial supplies

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 27, 2016 — Richtek Technology Corporation has introduced the RT6204, the 0.5A, 60V input, 350 kHz synchronous step-down DC/DC converter. The RT6204 is the latest addition to Richtek’s fast-growing line of wide input product family. The 5.5V-60V input voltage operation range in combination with high step down capability makes RT6204 suitable for virtually any industrial application input range from battery-fed automotive to 12V/24V/48V industrial supplies.

Featuring PSM mode for enhanced light load efficiency, the RT6204 uses current mode topology with external compensation, allowing great flexibility in loop tuning using either ceramic or electrolytic output capacitors. The 80V max input rating makes it tolerant to hot-swapping and other supply voltage transients. Slew rate limited switching helps to reduce EMI radiation. The RT6204 is housed in a small SOP-8 thermally effective package.

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To start your design with the RT6204, please download the product datasheet, reference design and application note for more design examples on the RT6204 product page.

RT6204 Key features and benefits:

  • The input range from 5.5V to 60V makes it suitable for virtually any industrial application range, from battery fed automotive to industrial supplies.
  • The 80V max rating makes this IC very tolerant to hot-swapping and other supply voltage transients.
  • The integrated synchronous rectifier eliminates the external buck diode, lowering BOM cost.
  • Small minimum on time archives very high step down ratios.
  • External compensation gives great flexibility in loop tuning, and allows the use of either ceramic output capacitors for low voltage outputs or electrolytic output capacitors for higher output supplies.
  • Frequency reduction at light load enhances light load efficiency.
  • Slew rate limited switching helps to reduce EMI radiation.
  • Housed in the popular SOP-8 package with thermal pad, this IC is a great building block for any system requiring output voltages from 0.8V up to 50V at 0.5A max load current.


Automotive electronics, solar power systems, networking and telecommunication systems, industrial and communication low power systems, LCD monitors and TVs, LED lighting, motor driver bias supplies, etc.



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