Wednesday, June 19, 2024

SARVAM UCS ENT – The Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises

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Enterprise communication has come a long way from TDM telephony to UC features. The change has apparently improved communication convenience but has posed some problems too. Some of these include offering a consolidated interface for accessing different communication tools, quick connectivity with mobile workforce and improved collaboration.

Matrix, with an aim of helping enterprises adopt this technological advancement and address all the associated pain areas, is launching SARVAM UCS ENT – the Unified Communication Server for Modern Enterprises. The Unified Communication solution is based on the four pillars of Collaboration, Communication, Messaging and Mobility.

To cater to businesses’ requirement of accessing different networks from a single platform, SARVAM UCS ENT offers connectivity up to 2,000 IP users, 1,296 Analog users, 64 GSM users, 248 VOIP channels and 128 Digital Key Phone users from a single chassis. With IP at core, SARVAM UCS ENT routes all the communication over IP, allowing employees to experience distinct call management features such as Call Transfer, Presence Sharing, Multi-party Audio Conference, Video Calling and more.

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PC/Mobile Soft Client VARTA – the UC Client for Seamless Collaboration forms an integral part of SARVAM UCS ENT family. VARTA redefines communication experience and serves business’ need of round the clock connectivity by bringing users from different locations on a common platform. VARTA allows user to extend his desk extension to his own Windows laptop/PC or Android/iOS devices. The latest Matrix innovation: VARTA Outlook Integration allows professionals access UC features on their Outlook screen, improving communication effectiveness and saving time.

To suffice businesses’ need of continuous communication, even in the absence of concerned party, SARVAM UCS ENT is equipped with an improved voicemail server. The voicemail server offers a separate mailbox for every extension and facility to take a backup of messages from the local network and VPN. Furthermore, Voicemail Recording Capacity up to 2,170 hours, Call Queuing, Uploading Prompts in Six Different Languages and Configuring Mailbox according to Date and Time, helps mobile workforce to effectively manage mailbox and never miss on any important message.

“With the launch of SARVAM UCS ENT, Matrix now has a dedicated range of Unified Communication solution for different sized businesses. With UCS platforms and a bag of features in store, we are looking forward to achieve a fair share of Unified Communications market”, said Sagar Gosalia, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing.



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