Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Semtech Enables Leader’s UHDTV T&M Platform

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Semtech Corporation today announced that its portfolio of 12G UHD-SDI solutions is enabling the LV5490 UHDTV waveform monitor LV5490SER06 option card from Leader Electronics Corporation. Leader Electronics’ LV5490SER06 option board provides a 12G UHD-SDI interface with eye monitoring and jitter measurement capability to the LV5490 UHDTV waveform monitor and utilises Semtech’s GS12141 retiming equaliser and GS12181 retiming cable driver products.

UHD-SDI is a standardised broadcast UHDTV interface, and the GS12141 retiming cable equaliser and GS12181 retiming cable driver, with their advanced feature sets and class-leading performance, provide a commercial, off-the-shelf interface solution for next generation UHDTV equipment and infrastructure.

semtech enables leader UHDTV

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“Next generation UHDTV infrastructures will require advanced UHD-SDI test and measurement capabilities,” said Ryosuke Takagi, Director of Leader Electronics Corporation’s development department. “Sophisticated test and measurement solutions are required to address the critical performance requirements of broadcasters as facilities are updated with UHDTV-enabled UHD-SDI infrastructures,” said Don Shaver, Director of Video Marketing for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Product Group.

Key Features of the GS12141 & GS12181

  • Multi-standard operation: 1Mb/s to 11.88Gb/s for increased design flexibility and a wider range of end-product applications
  • Performance optimised: For 11.88Gb/s with ultra-long cable reach, enabling designs that offer maximum performance at all data rates (GS12141). Ultra-low additive jitter for increased PCB design margin and class-leading output return loss performance that surpasses SMPTE specifications at all rates, simplifying board optimisation, speeding time to market (GS12181)
  • Ultra-low power consumption: Ideal for multi-channel high density designs to minimise overall power consumption
  • Advanced feature set: Output pre-emphasis for compensating for long PCB trace lengths, simplifying PCB optimisation (GS12141) and input trace equalisation to compensate for long input trace lengths, critical for optimising performance in 12G UHD-SDI designs (GS12181)

Key Features of the LV5490

  • 12G UHD-SDI interface with eye monitoring and jitter measurement when equipped with the optional LV5490SER06 interface card
  • Built-in, 9-inch, full high definition (LED Backlit) display (1920 x 1080) for superb picture representations
  • 4K/HD Pattern Generator function

The GS12141 and GS12181 are available now. Semtech offers comprehensive design assistance, including field- and factory-based support. Data sheets, volume pricing and delivery quotes, as well as evaluation kits and samples, are available at: www.semtech.com/info.


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