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ST Demonstrated New Range of Cost Effective MCUs and MPUs Delivering Better Security, Connectivity and Performance

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On March 14th, STMicroelectronics held the STM32 Innovation Media Briefing at their Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh office. The focus was on ST’s new line of cost-effective and energy-efficient microcontrollers (MCUs) for industrial and secure applications. The spokespersons included Sridhar ETHIRAJ (Sr. Manager – Technical Marketing & Applications, India), Vinay THAPLIYAL (Group Manager – Technical Marketing, South East Asia & India) and Mohit Arora (Mohit ARORA, GPM Wireless Marketing Manager).

Microcontroller is the heart of the Embedded system designs and selecting the right MCU ensures the success of the project. MCU Architecture, memory integration, innovative peripherals, power consumption and easy-to-use ecosystems are some of the basic factors embedded developers look for while designing their smart solutions. But as we are in the world of connected devices which have created connected ecosystems, from smart homes to smart factories, from connected cars to satellites, the need for security, connectivity, reliability and cost have become paramount parameters for developers.

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ST’s newly launched STM32 MCUs and MPUs have all the features to ensure the project’s success. In a physical media briefing event at the ST office, the company introduced STM32 family products under mainstream MCUs, High-performance MCUs, Ultra-low power MCU, Wireless MCU and their second series of MPUs to the Indian market. In an interactive session, the presenters explained ST’s best-in-class and cost-effective MPU named STM32MP13 lines, Secure Wireless SoC STM32WBA and 32 bit MCU series STM32C0, STM32H5, STM32U5.

Mainstream MCU

Sridhar ETHIRAJ, Sr. Manager – Technical Marketing & Applications, India, General-Purpose Microcontrollers Sub-Group, STMicroelectronics explained about STM32C0 MCU, STM32H5 and STM32U5. He also briefed about the strong and advanced security options ST is offering and STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager.

STM32C0 MCU series: Your next 8-bit MCU is a 32-bit!
This series is specially designed for cost-sensitive applications. ST claims it to be its most affordable 32-bit MCU without compromising its performance.
Architecture: It is powered by an Arm Cortex-M0+ processor which has the smallest footprint and lowest power requirements when compared to other Cortex-M processors. Thus, making the MCU suitable low-cost applications.

Low-power devices are basically designed using an 8-bit microcontroller to keep cost and power consumption in control but with compromise on performance while with 32-bit MCUs offer low power consumption, and superior processing speed and that too at an affordable price. Thus bringing 32-bit computing into 8-bit designs. Now designers can use 32-bit MCUs in applications where only 8-bit options would have previously been feasible. The STM32C0 series offers faster response time, extra functions and connectivity options.

Specifications: The STM32C0 series offers up to 32 Kbytes of flash memory with 6 Kbytes & 12 Kbytes of RAM option. STM32C0 MCUs are available in 8- to 48-pin packages, including packages offering the smallest area and thickness, such as the WLCSP12, the UFQFPN and the tiny 3 x 3 mm UFQFPN20 package.

Applications: STM32C0 is targeted for smart homes where it can be used in Fridges, Ovens and coffee machines, for Industrial devices in Industrial pumps, Fan control and Circuit breakers and consumer devices like smoke detectors or Fire detector alarms.

STM32H5 Series: High-Performance MCU with advanced security

STM32H5 is the industry’s first 32-bit MCU based on Arm Cortex-M33 known for its high security, high performance and energy efficiency and running at 250MHz with EEMBC CoreMark score of 1023.

Advanced and Scalable security: STM32H5 offers scalable security, starting with essential security building blocks to full security services by ST. STM32H5 is the first MCU series to come with system-on-chip (SoC) security services accessed via an industry-standard API called STM32Trust TEE Secure Manager. This helps developers to avoid writing and validating security codes while providing security services developed according to best practices. Apart from embedding the TEE Secure Manager, ST has teamed up with various partners for broadening its security offerings including isolation, cryptography, key storage, and initial attestation.

Specifications: It offers up to 2 Mbytes of flash memory in dual-bank memory, up to 640 Kbytes of SRAM and high peripheral integration. It can be used in harsh environments where the ambient temperature can reach 125°C. The MCUs are based on ST’s optimized 40 nm process technology and a large choice of memory, peripherals, and package options.

Applications: Its applications include Programmable logic controllers (PLC) Industrial motor control Pumps and compressors, Air conditioners, Refrigerators and freezers Central alarm systems, Washing machines, Keyboards, Smartphones, IoT tags and tracking devices. For smart cities, it finds applications in Industrial communication, Lighting controls, Digital power and for healthcare in CPAP and respirators, Dialysis machines, Pills distributors and Powered patient beds.

Wireless MCU with BLE connectivity

Next to Mainstream MCUs, Mohit ARORA, GPM Wireless Marketing Manager, Microcontroller & Digital ICs Group, STMicroelectronics described about the ST’s wireless MCU with BLE connectivity.

STM32WBA52 MCUs is a wireless MCU targeted at IoT device developers. The MCU offers Bluetooth® LE 5.3 connectivity with advanced security in ultra-low power modes. STM32WBA offers a high data rate to ensure fast and reliable data transfer, Long-range capability to enlarge communication range, High output power to increase communication range thanks to internal PA with +10 dBm of output power and dynamically scalable power modes for Low-power messaging capability to extend battery life.
Specifications: The STM32WBA52 is an Arm Cortex-M33 core running at 100 MHz. The MCU has an integrated ultra-low-power radio with an RF output power of +10 dBm which offers reliable communication over longer distances at data rates up to 2 Mbits/s. The device embeds a BLE 5.3 protocol stack which is integrated in the STM32CubeMX ecosystem which allows developers to easily add wireless communication under the STM32 development cycle.
A deep standby low-power mode with active radio communication drastically reduces overall power and saves battery energy. The STM32WBA MCUs can support up to 20 simultaneous connections.
Security: The new family meets the PSA level 3 security framework, with PSA immutable root-of-trust including secure boot and secure firmware update, cryptography, secure storage and attestation at runtime. STM32WBA52 series targets Arm PSA Level 3 and SESIP3 IoT security standards which offers strong resistance to physical attacks.
Applications: Its targeted applications comprise, smart city nodes, energy meters, sensors, electrical switches, gateways, smart homes with ZigBee matter and thread-based building automation and portable medical devices.

STM32MP13 MPU for Industrial and Secure applications

Vinay THAPLIYAL, Group Manager – Technical Marketing, South Asia, Microprocessors Product Group, STMicroelectronics briefed about the new MPU and what makes it ideal for secure, energy-efficient and cost-effective applications where traditional embedded MCUs are capable.

STM32MP13 users are enriched with the combination of flexible power management, real-time OS (RTOS) support, and integrated security features and peripherals typically provided by embedded MCUs.

Specifications: STM32 microprocessors (MPUs) is equipped with a 1GHz Arm® Cortex®-A7 application processor core running up to 1GHz combined with integrated peripherals and power-saving innovations proven in STM32 MCUs. The STM32MP13 MPUs leverage the strong MCU ecosystem and comprehensive set of tools. It is well suited to use with the Qt graphics framework for fast and responsive development of sophisticated user interfaces. Users can take advantage of powerful tools, optimized libraries, and easy porting of code from STM32 MCU projects, which result from extensive cooperation between ST and Qt as an ST Authorized Partner.

The STM32MP13 MPUs include the STM32MP131, STM32MP133, and STM32MP135. They are in full production.

Security Features: The MPU offers a high level of security with cryptographic acceleration with SCA robustness/protection, tamper resistance, secure storage, and Arm TrustZone technology with Trusted Firmware (TF-A and OP-TEE) secure processing environments. Gigabit Ethernet ports like programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and development tools and software like OpenSTLinux Distribution with Linux board support package (BSP), drivers, secure boot chain, and application frameworks are also supported.

Features: The STM32MP13 is well suited to use with the Qt graphics framework for fast and responsive development of sophisticated user interfaces. Users can take advantage of powerful tools, optimized libraries, and easy porting of code from STM32 MCU projects, which result from extensive cooperation between ST and Qt as an ST Authorized Partner. It is available in 3 different BGA packages to fit many applications.

Applications: STM32MP13x microprocessors is a perfect fit for industrial application where it adds 100% operating time for 10 years and supports Junction temperature from -40°C to +125°C. The other targeting areas are Industry 4.0, factory automation, smart metering, smart homes, electric vehicle charging infrastructure applications and point of sales (PoS) applications.


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