Thursday, April 18, 2024

CONTEST: Whitepaper Contest

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This Pre-Hackathon is an inaugural whitepaper contest organized by Excelpoint (ESPL) and supported by Analog Devices Inc focusing on solutions for smart cities. ESPL Whitepaper contest aims to invite solutions from innovators from various fields and levels, from academic institutions, innovators, startups, independent design houses and engineering communities to come up with alternative ways of fulfilling the specific needs & products or service in making the city life better and bringing transformation through disruptive technologies.

The Contest shall be followed by creation of POC for the successful solutions. The contestants will be expected to come-up with innovative creative ideas and solutions that can solve certain predefined problem to make future cities smart & self-sustainable.

Final Submission Date: 30 August, 2021

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Stand a chance to win S$500 if your whitepaper is judged as the winner!

Excelpoint will be giving out S$500 to 3 winning teams who have successfully submitted their whitepaper.

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