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OLED GO Design Contest

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About the Challenge

OLEDs Go is a global design competition run by LG Display and Dezeen that seeks creative OLED designs to enrich people’s changing lifestyles.

The contest is looking for designs that incorporate small to medium OLED displays (between 27 and 55 inches diagonally) that provide new experiences.

Entrants are free to design any product for any user or demographic around the world. Designs should aim to improve a lifestyle that is emerging or changing for any reason – not only designs that respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Designs should utilise the key benefits of OLED displays while being feasible to manufacture using LG Display’s current technology. Rather than radical, futuristic concepts, the organisers are looking for practical designs that could be developed and produced over the next few years.


Entries deadline: 20 December 2021 ( 23:59 GMT on Monday)
Shortlists announcement: February 2022
Finalists announcement: March 2022
Winner announcement: May 2022


Total prize money of €88,000, which will be divided among the top five finalists.

Winner – top prize of €35,000
Runner – €20,000,
Third place – €15,000
Fourth place – €10,000 and
Fifth place – €8,000.

Participants can register here.





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