Sunday, July 14, 2024

ThingWorx From PTC Adds More Muscle To IoT Revolution

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Internet Of Things has another platform in its arsenal. ThingWorx 7 from PTC is all set to give the developers super agile platform to create prototypes, develop IoT solutions with added connectivity and support capabilities.

“ThingWorx 7, rich with new features, allows developers to more easily capitalize on the promise of the Internet of Things by rapidly prototyping and building impactful IoT applications,” says Rob Gremley, president, Technology Platform Group, PTC. “As an open, flexible platform, ThingWorx also gives developers the freedom to build with their preferred tools and create solutions that work with their existing device cloud infrastructure. Smart, connected products and systems are the future, and ThingWorx 7 enables companies to accelerate IoT application development and to fully realize the value of their investment in IoT initiatives.”

There are very limited enterprise ready IoT platforms in the market which are readily deployable. ThingWorx is integrated with IoT specific developent tools which make it a reliable and a smart developer platform which is industry ready.

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ThingWorx Utilities

The industry and companies can use utility package which are equipped with pre-built tools to help manage, monitor, and extract data. The added capabilities are:

  • Connected Device Management Capabilities : Focusing on the trends of usage the status of these intelligent devices could be monitored on custom dashboards. Performance monitoring is one of the major attributes that would be managed here.
  • Alert Management: Finding anomalies and alerting is one one the most fundamental use cases that an alert management system must posses. the utilities offer readily available offerings that support the visibility to alerts for all connected products.
  • Remote Access and Control: Remote monitoring for managing connected devices, performing actions such as troubleshooting problems, providing operator assistance, performing training are supported.
  • Software Content Management: Enables simple, secure and reliable mass distribution of digital content to connected devices such as operating system updates, application upgrades, and software patches.

Device Cloud Provider for IoT Solutions recommended by PTC

PTC also annouces that ThingWorx will integrate with leading public device clouds to provide an open IoT platform for all customers, partners, and vendors to with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to propel IoT. AWS’s device cloud could be used connect devices, send data to and from device and auto-provision the device directly from ThingWorx.

ThingWorx Analytics

The jist of IoT is the analytics that run in its background. Crunching data to get more meaningful insights generated from gathered and analyzed data from connected devices make it easier to predict and get better recommendations for ThingWorx IoT Solutions.

What developers gain?

ThingWorx 7 has been upgraded with modern platform components to make it even easier for developers to build applications for connected products. With ThingWorx 7, developers can use their preferred development tools, such as Eclipse, or source code management tools, such as Git, in an environment that makes it possible for them to quickly prototype and experiment with IoT solutions.


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