Monday, June 17, 2024

AI Powered Chat Bot Introduced!

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Handling manual chat is tedious and error prone.

We learnt this the “very hard” way. Made a lot of mistakes on the way.

Our team tried to split their hours and handle the manual chat via Tawk.To chat panel, but many a times they were offline when our users needed them.

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And at other times, the person online did not have the expertise that the Inquirer needed.

The worst part was that 80 percent of the queries were similar! While tried sharing an FAQ earlier, but it became so lengthy that many users could not find their solution, even when we had listed it there!

But, now we seem to have solved this problem…

Our IT Team has helped us install an AI Powered chatbot called ArtiBot.Ai. (We’re still to figure out the AI bit ; ))

Plus, we have programmed it to handle most of the common queries immediately.

It’s online 24 X 7. Even on holidays!

The best part is that questions that go unanswered get filed separately, and we are able to program the Chat Bot to handle them in the future, this making it a human-powered machine-learning Chat Bot : )

Want to try it? Just click on the pop-out icon with the text “Can I Help You?”



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