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35+ Winning Combinations Featuring Both Dialog and Renesas Products

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Renesas’ acquisition of Dialog offeres customers combined solutions for applications including IoT, industrial, automotive and more

Continuing with the recent development regarding Renesas Electronics Corporation’s acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor (to know more read here), here are some newly announced Winning Combinations that showcase both Renesas’ and Dialog’s combined, product portfolios of Embedded Processing, Analog, Power and Connectivity.

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  • Quick Connect IoT: Renesas’ recently-announced Quick Connect IoT, an IoT system design platform that significantly eases the prototyping of IoT systems to help users dramatically reduce time-to-market. The multi-board design platform eliminates widespread compatibility issues found in hardware and software, enabling designers to quickly and easily connect a wide range of sensors to MCU development boards. Combined with Dialog’s ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy (DA14531) and Wi-Fi (DA16200) SOCs, the new Pmod 6A board-to-board connector and the glue codes embedded into the Renesas software package, Quick Connect IoT, enable Renesas sensors and MCUs to seamlessly transmit to a mobile application or the cloud.


  • 100W Adapter with power delivery & wireless charger: Renesas’ 100W PD adapter is a multi-function PD adaptor supporting 65W maximum PD output, BC1.2 fast charging, Qi 15W wireless charging and two 5V2.1A USB A ports. It now includes the latest Dialog high power density AC-DC chipset (primary-side digital flyback controller / secondary side interface IC) with advanced zero voltage switching combined with Renesas’ USB PD controller, MOSFETs, PFC and wireless charging devices.


  • Smart Asset Tracking Label: The Smart Tracking Label is an ultra-thin, credit card-sized, asset tracking solution to monitor and track environmental data through Bluetooth LE. It achieves optimal battery life via the low-power DA14531 Bluetooth LE 5.1 SoC combined with Renesas’ high-performance humidity and temperature sensors, with data logging stored via onboard serial Flash from Dialog. It provides 2-3 months of shelf life and roughly 30 days of active life using a rechargeable & disposable, printable 25mAh battery.

Additionally, Renesas has released nine Winning Combinations designed specifically for Automotive customers that combine analogue products from Dialog with a broad range of Renesas solutions.

Automotive Winning Combinations

One new solution for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) includes a combination of Dialog’s PMIC and CMIC with Renesas’ automotive R-Car SoCs, buck regulators and timing ICs. Another Winning Combination combines Dialog’s LED backlight and haptic drivers with Renesas’ PMIC for LCD to realise an automotive display system. Further solutions combining Renesas and Dialog offerings are underway, including a Wireless Battery Management Systems (BMS) with Dialog’s Bluetooth LE IC and Renesas’ battery management ICs and MCUs. 

“The addition of Dialog to the Renesas portfolio presents a tremendous opportunity to drive growth and cross-sales in our core segments of Power Management, Analog-Mixed Signal, Connectivity, Industrial and Standard Products. Additionally, Dialog’s focus on low-power technologies will allow us to further enhance sustainability across our product portfolio,” said Sailesh Chittipeddi, Executive Vice President & General Manager of the IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit.

“The 39 Winning Combinations represent just the beginning,” said Chris Allexandre, Senior Vice President & Head of Sales and Corporate Digital Marketing of the IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit. “As we drive collaboration among the teams, our customers should start seeing the benefits of the combined portfolio in terms of getting their solutions to market faster.”

“Dialog’s outstanding analogue technologies add depth and breadth to our automotive lineup,” said Takeshi Kataoka, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Automotive Solution Business Unit. “By combining the best of both companies’ offerings, we expect to develop innovative automotive products that reduce our customers’ development burden and time-to-market. We are offering multiple new, integrated solutions featuring Renesas and Dialog products immediately, and look forward to introducing more going forward.”

Following the landmark acquisitions of Intersil and IDT, Renesas has developed more than 200 “Winning Combinations,” compelling product combinations that help customers accelerate their designs and get to market faster. These portfolio combinations focus on verticals including industrial, infrastructure, automotive, and consumer segments to service more customers and partners worldwide.

All of the 39 new Renesas-plus-Dialog Winning Combinations, in addition to 200+ existing Winning Combinations, include block diagrams, product information and the ability to sample and buy are available at Renesas’ website.


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