Thursday, July 18, 2024

AI Powered App Boosts Smartphone Battery Life by 30 Percent

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A cutting edge AI application has a potential to increase smartphone battery life by 30% and save countless kilowatts on energy bills.

An innovative approach at University of Essex has been incorporated into an app called EOptimizer. The app can help reduce the carbon emissions by extending the life of consumer goods. The app also optimizes the performance of other apps running at the same time.

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The application utilizes software to greatly increase the efficiency and dependability of batteries in phones, tablets, automobiles, smart fridges, and laptops, thus postponing the time when customers will need to purchase carbon-footprint-producing replacements. The software uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) to optimize chip performance, heat generation, and efficiency.

The AI analyses how an app is being used throughout the day and optimizes energy use. Suppose that a user scrolls through a news app to check the headlines, this process requires high FPS. Later on, the user thoroughly goes through those news articles and the AI records low FPS. Based on these analyses the AI will find a better operating frequency of the CPU and GPU processors to cater to the change whilst consuming the least amount of power and temperature gain in the device, which is a critical issue in mobile phones.

This technology can be adopted to various other consumer products like laptops and computers too. According to Dr. Amit Singh, from Essex’s School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering “This will be the first step on what we hope is a journey that will see our app in the hands of consumers across the globe. Considering approximately 50 billion devices by 2025 and many more thereafter, EOptomizer has great potential to help to achieve net zero emissions goal of the UK and the whole world.” He also added that “This app will help make everyone’s life better, save them money, and help save the environment.”


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