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Qualcomm Announces Finalists For The ‘Qualcomm Design In India Challenge 2021’

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Qualcomm lists 12 finalists across various categories of the design challenge.

There is a tremendous potential for smart devices to be used in various sectors like agriculture, automation, wearables, etc. Keeping this in mind, Qualcomm launched the sixth edition of the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge in 2020. It focuses on empowering the startup ecosystem in India. The contest encourages the product companies and design houses to invent useful and innovative hardware product designs incorporating Qualcomm SoCs and technologies. According to Qualcomm, the Design in India challenges will positively impact the product ecosystem of design and enhance the manufacturing facilities in India.

The Qualcomm Design in India challenge was conceptualized in 2016 inspired by the potential of Smart Devices and products that can be built in the domains of Smart Infrastructure, Agriculture Technology, Industrial Automation, Wearables, Medical Technology and Rural IoT. The 2021 design challenge focuses on enabling 5G use cases and applications as well.

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The sixth edition of the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge was organized in collaboration with NASSCOM, Startup India and AGNIi and it attracted more than 160 applications across industries.

The challenge brings many benefits for the participants. All the shortlisted startups get the initial grant of INR 1.6 lakh and further grant is provided after the review. The winner and the runner ups will receive INR 65 Lakhs, INR 50 Lakhs and INR 35 Lakhs, respectively. Plus, Qualcomm will reimburse each startup an amount of INR 1.6 Lakh for a full utility patent application filed. The design challenge brings opportunities to be incubated at the NASSCOM Centre of Excellence for IoT and AI. There are many more benefits for participants which can be found on the challenge website.

Recently, the finalists were selected through a virtual, rigorous selection process in June by a jury composed of senior executives from NASSCOM, STPI, C-CAMP, NLU and various business units within Qualcomm.

The finalists of the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2021 come from diverse areas such as smart robotics, smart infrastructure, manufacturing, agri-tech, space tech, and medical technology. The list of 12 startups and their respective solutions is as follows:

  1. Briota Technologies Private Limited: Point of care IOS (Impulse Oscillometry Spirometer) for real-time analysis
  2. Combat Robotics India Private Limited: “Tota” – a small, spherical robot to monitor the enemy in unknown territory while enabling seamless autonomous surveillance for the end-user
  3. Dhruva Space Private Limited: Enabling next-generation small satellite networks
  4. Emote Electric Private Limited: A “connected bike” platform that makes conventional two-wheelers smarter by providing towing/security alerts, engine/battery health, diagnostics, and performance insights on the mobile phone
  5. Enlite Research Private Limited: BIOS (Building Intelligence Operating System) – the world’s first contactless and wireless building management system (Note: Enlite has also recently received mentorship under the Qualcomm Women Entrepreneurs India Network initiative).
  6. M3 Toilet Resources India Private Limited: 100% contactless IoT-enabled smart bio-toilets with unique and interactive automation features
  7. Myelin Foundry Private Limited: “Fovea Stream” for efficient streaming of Ultra High-Definition content over 5G networks
  8. Neona Embedded Labz Private Limited: A high-performance AI-based smart gateway solution (NEL600 DCU) to meet the big opportunity in smart metering for energy, water, and gas
  9. Nimble Vision Private Limited: “Ni-The Smart Manhole Monitor” – a smart IoT solution for mobile and web that makes cities manholes “smart” by providing analytics on possible overflow, sewage quality, and harmful gases
  10. Ossus Biorenewables Private Limited: Smart IoT-enabled microbial device for on-demand hydrogen gas production using industrial effluents
  11. Probus Smart Things Private Limited: Smart-meters communicating over RF Mesh technology to remotely read, bill, and manage last-mile power distribution grids
  12. Xyma Analytics Private Limited: Continuous remote monitoring of non-invasive smart sensors for industrial applications

More information on the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge can be found here.



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