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Now Tattoos Can Painlessly Administer Drugs

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Researchers from Georgia have used novel technology to develop tattoos that can painlessly administer drugs and vaccines to the skin

Tattoo is being applied on the skin Credit: Georgia Institute of Technology)

Getting a tattoo on the skin is a very painful procedure that involved microscopic needles that caused painful punctures. Hence, The researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have invented low-cost, painless, and bloodless tattoos that can be self-administered by an individual and can be used for various other applications such as medical alerts to tracking neutered animals to cosmetics. They implemented distinctive approach  of using microneedle technology for developing tattoos

“We’ve miniaturized the needle so that it’s painless, but still effectively deposits tattoo ink in the skin,” said Mark Prausnitz, principal investigator on the paper. “This could be a way not only to make medical tattoos more accessible but also to create new opportunities for cosmetic tattoos because of the ease of administration. We saw this as an opportunity to leverage our work on microneedle technology to make tattoos more accessible,” Prausnitz said. “While some people are willing to accept the pain and time required for a tattoo, we thought others might prefer a tattoo that is simply pressed onto the skin and does not hurt.”

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The researchers initiated a mold that consisted of microneedles that forms an image. The mold is filled with tattoo ink and a patch is added at the back for convenient handling. The patch developed can be stuck to the skin for a few minutes in meantime the microneedles dissolve and release the ink. Various colors of tattoo inks are utilized such as black-light ink which is visible only when illuminated with ultraviolet rays. The tattoos are invented considering privacy in mind. The patches are sensitive to light and temperature changes due to the patient can reveal the tattoo only when desired. These tattoos can last for a year without causing any infections to the skin.

“The goal isn’t to replace all tattoos, which are often works of beauty created by tattoo artists,” Prausnitz said. “Our goal is to create new opportunities for patients, pets, and people who want a painless tattoo that can be easily administered.”

Click here for the Published Research Paper


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