Tuesday, April 16, 2024

World’s First Condition Monitoring Sensor For Industrial Machinery

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The condition monitoring sensor is like the FitBit for Industries.

Australian start-up, MOVUS, has developed The FitMachine, a condition monitoring sensor for industrial machinery. The main goal of this startup is to transform the machine technology sector by introducing its all-in-one, self-installed condition monitoring solution for smarter and more efficient equipment. Their efforts to digitize the sector are fast-growing. 

World’s First Condition Monitoring Sensor
Image Credit: Oil and Gas Photographer/Shutterstock.com

The FitMachine device associated with sensors and a digital platform can help any industrial firm working with machine technology to become smarter and more efficient making them ready for the new era of Industry 4.0. 

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The FitMachine 

Reports suggest that Industrial machines can lose upto15% of their optimal efficiency due to poor operations and maintenance. This leads to a loss in efficiency and is detrimental to industrial businesses’ profits and reputation. There are also instances where maintenance checks come out with no errors at all, this simply means that there is a waste of both manpower and expenditure which could have been avoided. 

The  FitMachine product, however, is a step ahead to the elimination of this wastage. Through a data-driven approach, the product promises to deliver a low cost, highly effective system for maintaining an optimally running fleet of industrial machinery.

The condition monitoring sensor device attaches to any part of machine equipment magnetically. It then quickly establishes a reference baseline for measurements according to the machine needs. Data is recorded and displayed through a dashboard app and significant deviations from baseline measurements alert engineers who can further carry out more advanced checks. 

The Sensors

The sensors play a key role in the FitMachine. They provide important data that are further compared with reference measurements to keep the functioning of the machinery intact. The self-installed condition monitoring sensor includes vibration, noise and temperature sensors. These constantly monitor the conditions, passively collecting a large amount of data.

To connect with the app of the user, or maintenance worker, the sensors transmit the data to a cloud platform provided by MOVUS via built-in WiFi or Bluetooth transmitters.

The FitMachine allows effective functioning in an industrial environment enabling the professionals in the sector to perform tasks based on the identified errors that the sensors along with AI diagnose. This certainly can revolutionize the way an industrial environment operates. 



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