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Make Your Own Arduino-Based Oxygen Concentrator

In the world highly affected by pandemic there is a huge spike in covid infection cases. With limited resources this fight against Covid 19...
millivolt meter

Simple Millivolt Meter Using Arduino

Most multimeters make voltage measurements starting from one volt and some start from 200 millivolts. With such devices lower-value measurement becomes difficult, especially for...

AC Current Monitor Using Arduino

Obtaining AC current readings from an AC wire helps us to know the amount of power that electrical appliances consume, promoting effective maintenance of...
Authors’ prototype of the speed monitoring system

DC Motor RPM Display On Smartphone Using Arduino

This project presents an Arduino based speed monitoring system where the RPM (revolutions per minute) of a DC motor is continuously displayed on a...
Transmitter circuit for Appliances Control With Yoda Module And Arduino

Appliances Control With Yoda Module And Arduino

This project is meant to control electrical appliances like fans and lights. You can configure two Yoda modules, one as receiver and the other...

Difference Between An Arduino Board And A Single Microcontroller Chip

The difference between an Arduino development board and a microcontroller chip is that the development board contains almost every essential part needed to start...

Motion Sensor With Voice Alarm Using Arduino

Motion sensor alarms are readily available in the market, but these are expensive. Here is a simple and inexpensive Arduino based motion sensor alarm...
NeoPixel LED lighting using Arduino

NeoPixel Colour-Changing LED Lighting Using Arduino

This NeoPixel LED lighting based on WS2811 driver and Arduino digitally produces red, green, and blue (RGB) lights and the combinations. Originally introduced by...
Arduino projects

Awesome Arduino Projects | Arduino Project Ideas

Arduino (an Open Source Hardware) has been a revolution ever since it struck the market. Arduino or Genuino (as known in some places), has...

JOB: Microprocessor PCB Design & Arduino Programming Internship

About Indkarta Since our inception in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, Indkarta has been wholly focused on building a strategic network with universities, schools, and...

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