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Digital Frequency Meter Using Arduino

This article describes the implementation of a digital frequency meter using Arduino Uno to determine the sinusoidal frequency signal in the range of 20Hz...
Circuit diagram of dual audio level shifter and buffer

Dual Audio Level Shifter and Buffer for ADCs, MCU Kits and Arduino

Many single-ended analogue signals do not have DC components or appropriate DC offsets. Due to that, these require very high input resistance for analogue-to-digital...

Make Your Own Arduino based RFID Door Lock

In this tutorial, the presenter will be giving you a tutorial on radio-frequency identification (RFID), how it works and how to make an Arduino...
arduino ebooks

6 Awesome Free eBooks On Arduino

This interesting collection of Arduino ebooks which help everyone from newbies to pros. These free ebooks will not only help you get started but...

Arduino-Controlled 12V Battery Charger

The Automatic Battery Charger circuit presented here can automatically charge a 12V, 7Ah battery, or above. Special features of the charger are as follows....

Simple Self Stabilization System Using Arduino(Hindi & English Video)

Thanks to the invention of camera gimbals/stabilizers, we are now able to capture videos smoothly and easily. You will find plenty of different types...
temperature monitoring using arduino

Humidity And Temperature Monitoring Using Arduino With The IoT

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) in homes and industries it is possible to control any electrical or electronic equipment. Moreover, you can get...
RFID Based Access Control: RFID tags

RFID Based Access Control Using Arduino

RFID is a non-contact, automatic identification technology that uses radio signals to identify, track, sort and detect a variety of objects including people, vehicles,...

Smart Home Security System With Automatic Phone Calling System Using Arduino With The IoT

CCTV (close-circuit television) camera systems are installed to protect your home and shops from burglary and break-ins. But with our busy lives, it is...
fingerprint Door Unlock

Arduino Projects: Fingerprint Door Unlock System

This simple fingerprint door unlock project using Arduino can be very useful for door security, forensics, crime investigation, personal identification, attendance system and much...

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