Tuesday, June 18, 2024

5C Network Launches AI-Powered Platform PRODIGI

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Leveraging cutting-edge technology to make sure no radiology image is left unreported for more than 2-3 hours, 5C Network has launched their artificial intelligence-powered platform called Prodigi. This state-of-the-art platform enables teleradiology at a massive scale, and makes it possible for diagnostic centres and hospitals to submit scans and access reports directly on the cloud-based platform. Realising the growing dependence on radiology for diagnosis, monitoring, and prognosis, 5C Network believes that Prodigi will go a long way in reducing the burden on radiologists as well as referring doctors. The highly advanced platform compresses radiology scan images losslessly i.e. without compromising on image quality. The platform is easy to use and can be accessed using desktop as well as mobile devices.

The Prodigi platform is the core of 5CNetwork’s flagship teleradiology service called Borderless Radiology. Breaking geographical constraints, 5C offers radiologist interpretation of X-ray, CT, MRI, Mammogram, and Nuclear Medicine, sending the scanned images to the most suitable, qualified radiologist for the study. What is noteworthy is that by this remarkable innovation of Prodigi, 5C Network has brought massive scalability to the hitherto person-dependent teleradiology practice.

 “With growth and advances in the medical field, radiology has today become a significant aspect of diagnosis. Now there is a huge supply-demand gap of radiologists, and it is technological advancements that help cater to the need, and address the shortage of radiology experts. Harnessing the power of technology, with Prodigi we are trying to ensure that no radiology image is left unattended in the country for longer than 2-3 hours. It also enables accurate and timely diagnosis across several modalities,” said Kalyan Sivasailam, CEO and co-founder of 5C Network.

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Using Prodigi, a hospital or diagnostic center can upload a digital image on the platform seamlessly. The image is read by an AI, which in turn assigns it to radiologists, based on their experience and expertise. The radiologists can report on the platform directly and do annotations on the same as well. It also supports speech-to-text function when required in addition to providing standardised report templates that save a lot of time.

With the power of the Prodigi platform, 5C Network is building the country’s largest, organised network of radiologists from different specialisations and expertise. It already boasts of over 400 radiologists who report regularly on the platform, ensuring round-the-clock availability of the service for the clients. 5C Network is currently serving 1500 active clients, present across 300 cities, through the radiologists spread across 58 locations across India. The company aims for a year-on-year growth of 50-100%.

 “There is an uneven spread of radiologists across the country with nearly 70% of them based out of 6-7 states and the remaining spread across other parts. Whereas demand is more evenly spread across 500 locations. This has created a supply-demand asymmetry in the field of radiology. As a result, in some places the cost of hiring a radiologist is rather steep, while for others it is the lack of availability of radiologists. The technology that we offer flattens the playing field and substantially neutralizes the asymmetry. We aim to remove the uncertainty element of teleradiology reporting,” added Sivasailam.


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