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60GHz RADAR System for In-Cabin Monitoring

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Infineon Technologies and its partners offer a 60GHz RADAR in-cabin monitoring system developed for monitoring the vitals of passengers.

The XENSIV™ BGT60ATR24C AEC-Q100 radar sensors, AURIX™ microcontrollers and OPTIREG™ PMICs is designed for ultra-short range applications and is optimized for ICMS. It uses highly flexible modulation schemes and with an MMIC bandwidth of 4GHz, it enables multi-functionality. It also comes with Automatic power control modes to optimize power consumption. 

In-Cabin Monitoring System
Credit: Infineon

The AURIX™ microcontroller for Radar offers both software and hardware scalability, with increased security features. “ It is not only important that the microcontroller can detect the person, but also in case of malfunction, either of the Radar chip or the microcontroller itself, there is some alarm that is triggered so the driver is aware that the system is not working properly,” said Antonio Monette, a Senior Marketing Director in the Automotive division of Infineon Technologies, responsible for Vehicle chassis and safety applications, in the online media briefing.

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Together with their partners, Infineon has been able to create a complete ‘In-Cabin Sensing System’ that offers a wide variety of functionalities and advantages;


  • Child presence detection
  • Heart Rate monitoring
  • Seat occupancy status detection
  • Respiration rate monitoring
  • Classification (Child/Adult)


  • One-sensor solution
  • No privacy concerns
  • Works at all times
  • No line of Sight required
  • Low Cost

While most other sensing systems provide detection of passengers, Infineon’s Radar sensing system allows the classification of Adults and Children, which sometimes becomes an important piece of information. Radar Technology, being a robust system by itself, provides major advantages in capturing data over its counterparts such as camera and ultrasound sensors. While cameras are widely being used for sensing in Automotives, it comes with a lack of privacy, increased power consumption and increased cost. Radar, on the other hand, provides more robustness and a larger range (Can also sense through the seats) compared to the camera along with a higher degree of accuracy.  

“ We believe that in the course of In-Cabin monitoring system solutions, RADAR is the technology that will help OEMs to set themselves apart, in offering the best safety standards”, said Sebastian Schams, Head of Product Marketing for Radar Sensing, Infineon Technologies.


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