Thursday, May 23, 2024

Better Pressure Measurement Performance with New Sensors

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Superior Sensor Technology today announced an extension to its ND Series with two new pressure sensor families for mid pressure range applications. These new devices will enable manufacturers to cost effectively develop more accurate and stable products for numerous industrial equipment applications operating at low to mid pressure ranges.
The new families include the ND Series absolute mid pressure sensors, and the ND Series differential and gage mid pressure sensors.  The absolute sensors support pressures up to 150 psia with market leading accuracy and long-term stability of 0.10%, while the differential/gage sensors support Multi-Range pressures from 0.5psi to 150psi with market leading accuracy and long-term stability of 0.05%. These performance measures offer manufacturers a 2x advantage over other solutions.
”Building upon our NimbleSense architecture, we are extending our levels of performance to mid range pressure devices with extremely high accuracy and stability, which has never before been offered,” said Jim Finch, CEO and Co-Founder, Superior Sensor Technology. “Our new generation of pressure sensors will enable manufacturers to develop higher-performance equipment and, due to our flexible architecture, significantly reduce design and manufacturing time along with inventory stocking requirements. The net result is a much better cost performance model than competing solutions.”
The new ND Series mid pressure sensors support manufacturers of commercial, transportation, research and development, and manufacturing equipment. By designing in the ND Series, engineers can develop one or a whole series of products much faster and more efficiently than competing solutions. Both devices include embedded advanced digital filtering with a 50/60Hz notch filter and offer an optional integrated close loop control. These advanced features eliminate the need to design-in many external components, so the system is more efficient, reliable, and less expensive to design and manufacture. Additionally, the ND Series has the lowest noise floor in the industry, which is extremely critical in ensuring high accuracy and stability in very low pressure applications. The ND Series differential sensors also include the company’s proprietary Multi-Range™ technology that allows the sensor to support up to 7 pressure ranges that can be changed “on-the-fly”, reducing inventory, design and manufacturing costs.
The ND Series mid pressure sensors and evaluation boards are available in production volumes and can be purchased through Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics. Unit pricing is based on shipment quantities.


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