Sunday, May 26, 2024

COM-HPC Specification For Broadband, 5G, Edge Analytics and AI Applications

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New open specification for high performance compute modules specification to address emerging requirements in embedded and edge computing

PICMG has announced that it has developed an embedded computing specification to address emerging requirements in the embedded and edge computing market. Trends include a substantial data growth and processing requirement of broadband and 5G as well as edge analytic including AI and situational awareness applications. IoT devices, sensors and actuators are producing tremendous amounts of data that require preprocessing at the edge for improved data processing efficiency and, end to end security. Autonomous vehicles, smart factories, smart retail, medical robotics are among many applications that will benefit from massively increased edge server and edge client class processors processor modules or COMs being available in standard modules that existing standards cannot meet.

Technical Highlights

  • Two 400-pin BGA mount high-performance connectors
  • System Management Interface
  • Not limited to x86 processors
  • Provides for the use of RISC processors, FPGAs and GPGPUs
  • COM-HPC Client Modules
    Up to 48 + 1 PCI Express Gen4/5 lanes
    Up to 4x USB4
    Up to 4x video interfaces
    Up to 2x 25 Gb Ethernet interfaces
    Module sizes:
    Size A: 95 x 120 mm
    Size B: 120 x 120 mm
    Size C: 160 x 120 mm
  • COM-HPC Server Modules
    Up to 64 + 1 PCI Express Gen4/5 lanes
    Up to 2x USB4
    Up to 4 graphic interfaces / headless
    Up to 8x 25 Gb Ethernet interfaces
    Module sizes:
    Size D: 160 x 160 mm
    Size E: 200 x 160 mm

Members of the PICMG COM-HPC committee include: University of Bielefeld, ADLINK, Advantech, Amphenol, AMI, congatec, Elma Electronic, ept, Fastwel, GE Automation, HEITEC, ICC Intelligent Platforms, Intel, Kontron, MEN, MSC Technologies, N.A.T., nVent, Samtec, SECO, Supermicro, TE Connectivity, Trenz Electronic, and VersaLogic. ADLINK, congatec and Kontron are the committee sponsors.


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