Thursday, April 18, 2024

ControlZ Renewed 50,000 Smartphones in A Year: Leads The Path On International Mobile Recycling Day

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ControlZ, a fast-growing sustainable D2C start-up that renews smartphones to make them aspirational (as good as new), announced today that it has successfully renewed 50,000 mobile phones while constantly contributing towards environmental safety in India. Millions of cell phones wind up in landfills each year, harming the entire ecosystem and, subsequently, the lives of millions of people who are struggling to rise amidst the emerging health crisis. This not only saved around 6,80,000 kg of ore, 2,00,00,00 ltr of water, and 4,10,000 g of cyanide, but it also prevented smartphones from ending up in landfills.

Recycling used mobile phones is crucial as the globe transitions to a more sustainable way of life. ControlZ is dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of mobile phones by increasing the phone’s life cycle; thus, optimally utilising a product makes it more sustainable. The brand renews each smartphone and makes a device that is as good as new, both functionally and cosmetically. This implies that they reuse the components, thereby minimising the amount of waste dumped in landfills.

Yug Bhatia, CEO and Founder of ControlZ
Commenting on the same, Yug Bhatia, CEO and Founder of ControlZ, said, “Making old cell phones desirable is an important part of our efforts to promote conscious consumption by effectively increasing the lifecycle of the phone. At controlZ, we believe in the power of recycling to secure a greener earth. By renewing smartphones, we can reduce our impact on the environment and make them more eco-friendly. Together, we can undo the damage and improve the world. As a business, we understand the need to make advancements while keeping the environment in mind. Technology should not come at the cost of the planet. We are proud to partner with financial institutions to increase the availability and affordability of our products for consumers. This is just the first step in our mission to make a positive impact on the planet.”

The accomplishment of ControlZ is part of a bigger effort to reduce our man-made damage to the environment. We can conserve important resources and keep them out of landfills by recycling mobile phones and other electrical equipment. This is advantageous for both the environment and those wishing to buy an affordable device that is still in as good as new condition, both functionally and cosmetically.

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