Thursday, July 18, 2024

Copper Clad Micron Meter

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`DOLPHIN `make three models of `COPPER CLAD MICRON TESTER / METER are useful handy tools to check thickness of the copper layer of the copper clad in microns. The devices check the most commonly available copper clad from 12 to 140 micron. You have to just press the sensor face of the unit on plane and clean copper surface and press the push button. In `ECONOMY` model four ranges 17/35/70/105 microns are available. In universal model 12/ 17/ 25/ 35/ 53/ 70/ 83/ 105/ 125/ 140 are available. In copper clad micron meter analogue meter will directly show the reading in micron. All three models are 9VDC battery operated. Very useful and handy tool for copper clad dealers and PCB manufacturers.


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