Thursday, March 23, 2023

Cost Saving Metal LC Test Cords With Durable Latch

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New Metal LC connectors significantly improve the latching mechanism and extend the life of test reference cords and launch fibres


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Fluke Networks introduces the industry’s first durable metal LC reference grade testing cords and launch fibres, which are now standard on all Fluke Networks LC-terminated test cords. Traditional LC connectors use a single-piece plastic design that flexes the latching mechanism and eventually breaks, requiring replacement when used repeatedly in testing. The Fluke Networks Metal LC latching system uses a multi-piece metal design that is not part of the body and does not flex, significantly improving the life of the latching mechanism and extending the life of the LC connector, test reference cords and launch fibres.

“Contractors testing high volumes of LC-terminated links have complained for years about the project delays and costs caused by latch failures on LC connectors,” said Adrian Young, Fluke Networks Fiber product manager. “After extensive engineering and testing, we’re excited to announce fibre test cords fitted with an LC connector utilising an extremely durable latch. These metal LC connectors are fully compliant to TIA 604-10-B: Fibre Optic Connector Intermateability Standard – Type LC.”

Typical LC connectors do not survive long in the field when used with test cords because the latching system, which allows the optical connectors to engage with and disengage from a separate component, fails. With the new Fluke Networks Metal LC design, the latch no longer flexes to engage and disengage with the optical component such as the adaptor, the life of the latching system is greatly improved, extending the life of the LC connector. This saves money for the user by extending the life of the test cord, but, more importantly, by reducing project delays that occur when cords need to be replaced.

“The plastic latches on our LC test cords invariably break before the cords wear out. As a result, we go through a lot of these in our datacenter installation project,” said Jason Zasada, technical solutions leader with Faith Technologies Incorporated, a national leader in electrical planning, engineering, design and installation. “We found this new metal connector to be more robust and I’m recommending that Faith adopt it, especially for our larger jobs.”

The Fluke Metal LC latch has been tested for up to 10,000 insertions with no degradation in performance and passes all Telecordia GR-326-CORE durability tests including thermal, humidity, vibration, flex, impact and salt spray. These new metal LC test cords join Fluke’s Permanent Link Adaptor, which features the industry’s only durable metal connector designed for testing modular jack (“RJ-45”) terminated twisted pair cabling links.



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